Our story

Ekavi is a beauty and wellness brand that works on the mixology of ancient science of ayurveda and advances of modern chemistry & science. Our Formula driven quality proven products are gentle and would seamlessly fit into your skincare routine.

‘eka’ one - ‘avi’ sun

Ekavi symbolizes the unity of a pivotal source of life – the Sun – with a discipline that’s critical for it to thrive – oneness or balance. The all-pervasive Sun, the center of our solar system, feeds life with light and energy.


We are inspired by this unity and our products are handcrafted to deliver this perfect balance, every single time. Our products are curated to perfection, using active and botanical ingredients derived from plants that have learnt to optimally harness the energy our life-giving star showers up on them. Topped with a secret ingredient of love, Ekavi will be the only addition you’ll need to your self-care routine. 


We have been reaching out to our proud Indian heritage, the science of ayurveda for the most potent botanicals and rare ingredients that would support our formulas. Sourced from growers and farmers all over India for the best native Indian ingredients. Combined with actives backed by years of research, advanced science becomes the fulfilling stone.


We take pride in the fact that 50% of our workforce comprises women from rural parts of India. We are committed towards providing training skills to unskilled labour and promote fair wages.

We also account ourselves to be responsible for our planet. All our packaging is recyclable and we proudly call ourselves plastic free and we will continue our endeavour to establish informed and responsible decisions.

To know more about Ekavi’s complete range of products, please visit https://ekaviskin.com/